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from Zugzwang by Rouilleux



And saving
Then be gone
Untouched by answers
The breath is swaying
The body is waiting
There on a sailing through sands
Did you write this song of forever?
You’re gone and you've answered your prayers
The rise of courage is here

And a touch in the heat
Now is that what your freed?
And your blaming of waiting
I know I am sailing to woe

Firm stand
On the line and your days are blown off
Then go to the saint
Who’ll confess to your fate
Birth and waiting and praying and dirt
Will come surely
Now that sails are all bare
Our lives will be spared for now
And again
And the truth that you waived
And the loner you hailed
And the bell that you face
The bell that awaits
Then crawl by the stairs
Home by the lake
And still you're lazy
There on the lake
Round the beckoning flame
Through the waters that ache
For the traitor you became
And you burn down the luckiest day of your life

And so
The pain in the hole
The crumbling of stones
And the cracking of rocks
And burning the pagans
The burn you're awaiting
You go and you melt
On the brink of your craving
And lay
On the side that will be life of the day
Only then

Don’t say you bother
The pace will slow down
And the body will smother
And save all the rave and freezing of time
And pray
And for the sake of it's over
The time will go slower
As we touch and go
And the pity you saved
And the truth that you waived
And the bell that you face
The bell that awaits
And again
You’ll bow and lower
The river will flow and the distance will shorten
And then
The sign of the north
The walk back and forth
And sleep will arise and awake


from Zugzwang, released June 26, 2011


all rights reserved




Rouilleux is a project/band founded in 2009 by Luboš Rezek.

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