from by Rouilleux



The wavelength is coming
Just hold your breath and roam
So her soft skin
Can never lose the weight of home
This fading heirloom
Is not enough to turn us on
We cannot share
The sun that rises
Altogether gone

But then I looked into your tepid watery eyes
And then I crawled into your chest
And there I stumbled upon truth
It seems that you just want to halt
The trembling in your arms
But I can't be the one to hold you
One to hold you
One to hold you
One to hold you down


from Scatter Your Soul, released June 26, 2014


all rights reserved




Rouilleux started as a one-man project after the disbanding of Prague-based band The Ruin of Ruins in 2009. Debut album Zugzwang was followed by rebuilding the project into a band with members from around KLaNGundKRaCH label and Prague experimental scene. ... more

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